Dating conventions. Fans have created a timeline for the Harry Potter series from a piece that is single of in Harry Potter plus the Chamber of Secrets.

Dating conventions. Fans have created a timeline for the Harry Potter series from a piece that is single of in Harry Potter plus the Chamber of Secrets.

Fans have actually developed a schedule associated with the Harry Potter series from a solitary little bit of information in Harry Potter as well as the Chamber of Secrets. At almost Headless Nick’s deathday celebration for the reason that guide, their death is stated to possess been on 31 October, 1492. Because the event ended up being commemorating the five-hundredth anniversary of Nick’s death, this appears to state the scene takes put on 31 October, 1992. This press the link right now schedule is strengthened in Harry Potter as well as the Deathly Hallows as soon as the graves of James and Lily Potter make sure these people were created in 1960 and died on 31 1981, further reinforced in Pottermore when the Death Eater riot on the Quidditch World Cup is stated to have taken place in 1994, and further yet in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, in which the Triwizard Tournament is mentioned to have taken place in the 1994-1995 school year october. On 1 September, 2017, J. K. Rowling confirmed via her Twitter account that which was the afternoon the Epilogue ended up being set.

With regard to convenience, this dating system is likely to be employed by the Harry Potter Wiki for several Harry Potter articles.


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There are several contradictions within the schedule, though it must be noted that, within the FAQ section of her internet site, Rowling has admitted difficulty that is having handling math, therefore possibly perfect interior persistence is certainly not to be anticipated. In addition, thinking about the Harry Potter world is a dream globe, it is possible that particular dates may vary between it additionally the “real world”.

Despite its dilemmas, this schedule is extensively utilized by fans and Warner Bros.’s schedule associated with show (showcased from the DVDs for Harry Potter in addition to Chamber of tips and Harry Potter additionally the Prisoner of Azkaban) contains times that have been interpolated using this relationship system (such as for instance Harry’s birthday celebration being on 31 July 1980 and their very first beat of Lord Voldemort being on 31 October 1981). Nevertheless, a few anachronisms have actually crept through when you look at the films, such as for instance featuring the destruction for the Millennium Bridge within the film form of Harry Potter as well as the Half-Blood Prince, although the novel (plus the film) are likely to occur couple of years prior to the bridge ended up being built. The dursleys are seen to have a flat-screen television, which were not commonly available in the mid-1990s in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. In addition the Dursley’s automobile, shown when you look at the film that is same bears a 2006 12 months enrollment dish.

A brief movie with the film show cast, The Queen’s Handbag, had been manufactured in 2006 included in the 80th birthday celebration parties for Queen Elizabeth II. The skit violates the convention that is dating obtaining the figures reference the big event, even though for them it will nevertheless be the mid-1990s.

Difficulties with time

Frequently whenever times receive, these are typically provided having an of the week that does not match with that date as it in actual history day. One example that is such in Harry Potter in addition to Prisoner of Azkaban whenever Sybill Trelawney relates to 16 October as Friday, although 16 October 1993 had been a Saturday. It’s usually explained as artistic licence in the writer’s component.

There are contradictions in the written books of this type. For instance, in Harry Potter as well as the Goblet of Fire, both 1 September and 2 September get as Mondays and, in Harry Potter therefore the Prisoner of Azkaban, Buckbeak’s trial is defined on 20 April, but careful parsing for the text reveals it may have occurred no later than February.

Additionally, in Harry Potter and also the Goblet of Fire it is known that the Champions had been opted for on Saturday 31 October, but 31 October had been a Monday in 1994. However, it had been later on stated that 22 November had been a Tuesday, which it absolutely was in 1994.

In chapter 7 of Quidditch Through the Ages, it is stated that the very first Quidditch World Cup occured in 1473. [1] If the championship is held every four years, this disputes using the declaration in Goblet of Fire that the 1994 World Cup ended up being the 422nd. If Quidditch Through the Ages is right, the 422nd Quidditch World Cup would actually fall into the 12 months 3161, however, if Goblet of Fire is right, the World that is first Cup really held in 306.

Historic issues

Even though show, based on the timeline produced by the Chamber of tips guide, is placed into the nineties, the show frequently appears as if it’s set into the belated nineties to mid-2000s, roughly concurrent with the book associated with the publications. In Harry Potter additionally the Half-Blood Prince, Cornelius Fudge runs on the male pronoun to refer to your “predecessor” of this Prime Minister of this great britain. In accordance with the timeline that is above this would take place in summer time of 1996, if the Prime Minister had been John significant, whose immediate predecessor had been a lady (Margaret Thatcher).

It’s possible, nonetheless not likely, that Fudge could possibly be talking about a far more remote predecessor, as Thatcher took workplace before Fudge supposedly became Minister for Magic. (Although you could imagine a scenario by which Fudge had been delegated because of the Minister for Magic to satisfy with the Prime Minister while he, Fudge, was at a substandard workplace.) Furthermore, the character and history for the Prime Minister portrayed seems to more closely match that of Tony Blair than of John significant. A write-up within the Daily Mail notes that Rowling is near the then-Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown (frequently seen as a competing to Blair’s leadership for the Labour Party, who succeeded him and became Prime Minister), and that she may have been wanting to show Blair’s worst part. Then this event would occur in 2002 (after Blair became Prime Minister) if the books were set in sync with publication date of Philosopher’s Stone,.

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