DIYers understand that paint works magically when it comes to simple and affordable home updates.

DIYers understand that paint works magically when it comes to simple and affordable home updates.

Just how to Paint Tile

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While painting walls may be the first project that springs to mind, walls aren’t the only paintable surfaces at home. For an simple and impactful change that a g d novice can handle, consider utilizing paint in certain aspects of your house to recharge dull-l king or tile that is outdated.

When to Paint Tile

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Since painting tile is an ind r project, it is something you can do any time of year, whenever inspiration strikes. Painting tile can be quite a option that is great homeowners who wish to increase the feel and l k of a specific space without investing a lot of time and money as a complete makeover, claims Sarah Gaffney, design and development director for upcoming Stage Design + Build in San Jose, Ca.

“It is just a nice stop-gap that is little you are able to finally do that remodel,” Gaffney claims, explaining that economy is the number 1 reason to paint tile, rather than replace it. Depending on square f tage, changing tile is a lot more expensive—$2,000 or more isn’t unusual.

You should be conscious that only a few tile is perfect for a coat that is fresh of. Normal rock tile, as an example, is extremely porous. It shall soak up the paint and, quite frankly, won’t l k g d when you use the paint.

“This would demand a lot of sanding, and that would (harm) the integrity associated with tile,” states Gaffney.

Ceramic and tiles that are porcelain glossy areas, on the other hand, are superb choices for paint, she adds.

As for surfaces, fl rs, showers and just about every other area that is hard-working out because constant moisture will degrade the paint, and areas that animals or people walk in will get scuff markings almost instantly. If you’re likely to paint tile, think home backsplashes, washing r m tile that is accent fireplace hearths.

Security Factors

For the part that is most, painting tile is a very safe DIY task. You will have to have a precautions that are few nonetheless, Gaffney states.

“ When you are sanding a ceramic or tile that is porcelain you will have dust,” she says. “So, I would personally wear gloves and goggles.”

Ventilation is crucial, because tile dust is not something you want to inhale. Open windows if at all possible, and be sure to vacuum as you go. In addition wouldn’t hurt to put on a mask ( then you have few readily available).

TIP Geoff Sharp, professional tile painter and owner of Sharper Impressions Painting Company, recommends grit sandpaper that is extra-fine. He additionally shows a ¼-inch mini roller for application, or you refer can to your manufacturer’s recommendations in your paint can.


1. Clean the Tile

As with any paint job, it is imperative you make sure that your area is spic-and-span before applying paint. To do this, you’ll need heated water, a bucket, a rag or perhaps a sponge and a trisodium phosphate (TSP) or TSP-substitute cleaning solution. Simply wipe straight down, rinse and invite it dry. Don’t forget to put your gloves on and eye protection—TSP must not come into contact with your skin layer or eyes.

2. Repair Grout and Any potato Chips or Cracks in the Tile

Painting over chips and cracks in your tile and/or your grout shall l k bad and increase the probabilities that your particular paint task won’t stand the test of the time. Your entire dependence on tiny or superficial flaws is just a little caulk along with your hand (just use and wipe it together with your finger).

If you are coping with a bigger flaw, the concept may be the same—only using waterpr f spackle and a putty blade rather. Exact Same is true of grout. Just be certain to l k for grout that is specifically made for touch-up work (offered in tubes), as opposed to the grout you’d get for a new tile installation ( is available in a tub).

TIP in case your grout and/or tile is in serious disrepair you might want to consider switching gears to a tile that is full-on, since a paint work on seriously damaged tile and grout is unlikely to yield your desired results.

3. Sand the Tile

Again, be sure you are putting on your gloves, goggles and a mask so you can protect your skin layer, eyes and lungs from sandpaper dirt. This can be carried out by hand or with an electric sander (your preference).

The step that is sanding crucial because sanding may help give a sm th area for your paint. Nonetheless, don’t get overboard on sanding — in the event that you sand the glaze away the paint won’t last. After sanding, use water to wash and wipe away all of the dust that is residual.

4. Tape Off Surrounding Surfaces

You need to protect those surfaces with painter’s tape and plastic sheeting unless you want paint on the surfaces around your tile (window, faucet, fireplace glass, etc. In this way, you won’t need certainly to worry if you accidentally color outside of the lines.

5. Apply a Primer

Why prime first? Mainly, to save lots of your self enough time and hassle of painting coats that are numerous. Primer prevents paint from soaking into whatever area you might be painting. Ceramic and aren’t that is porcelain porous, needless to say, but primer still helps guarantee a g d paint task.

Therefore, move out your paint try, pour in some primer and start rolling. Use a touch that is light your layer is pretty slim. Allow it dry and, if required, use a coat that is second.

6. Paint the Tile

The very first thing to do during this period is always to either clean your paint tray or replace your paint tray liner. Then, you can put your paint into the tray and set about probably the most important portion of your task. Roll gently and carefully, ensuring getting all the paint from the roller prior to going right back to get more paint.

Once you apply a coating, allow it dry. Perform at the very least once—you can add a coat that is third necessary. Also, it is necessary that you use epoxy paint just. Other types of paint will not harden adequately for this application.

TIP Gaffney recommends painting the tile while the grout most of the same color. Grout-painting, she says, calls for a exceedingly constant hand and is a lot more of an artistic endeavor compared to a weekend DIY project. Instead, if you would like your tile to have a bit more pizazz, consider utilizing adhesive tile stickers or painting selected tiles with an accent color.

7. Apply Sealant

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